Projects that SWH is involved with

phones for families

Just $80 will create a vital lifeline for our families.  

Just $80 will create a vital lifeline for our families.  

This is the phone and data card that we are getting the refugees. The families use these to contact family to let them know they have arrived safely, get calls about jobs, talk with placement agency and volunteers.  It's an important lifeline that we all need.  Help our refugees with basic communication and donate now to buy phones and minute cards, and contact us if you have any questions.

a new home for SWH

The new Community House for Springfield Welcome Home will open in 2017

The new Community House for Springfield Welcome Home will open in 2017

A generous donor has given Springfield Welcome Home this lovely home that will become a Community House for our refugees. Inside there are five classrooms, a large gathering area to watch futbol, a play area for the children, and a large kitchen for preparing meals. Classes such as basic computer skills, driver training, English as Second Language (ESL), cooking, and cultural literacy will be available. In addition, there will be Wi-Fi and free laundry.

The two adjacent lots will be ours and will enable us to create a large community garden, put in a children's play area and start a Scooter Share Program. The opportunity for SWH to expand our services has increased dramatically with this gift.

Refurbish bicycles Springfield Welcome Home
Teaching Refugees to Drive Springfield Welcome Home
Cooking with Springfield Welcome Home

Other projects with SWH - ways you can help

  • Bicycle recycle:  We accept old bikes and rebuild them. During 2016 we rebuilt seven bicycles and we're hoping to double that in 2017. Most bicycles can be brought back to good working order for under $40 and of course we feel it's important to add a light and safety helmet which runs about $30.  Donate now.
  • Driver training: SWH works with refugees in training them to drive in America.  Gasoline for these multiple days of training runs about $50.  Recently we had a refugee who earned his driver license and a volunteer donated a fairly late model mini van to him . He now uses it for working two jobs. Most of the refugees arriving here have no driver license. Time, gas money, vehicle maintenance costs, and ultimately the vehicle itself are all needed.  Donate now.
  • TV & DVD players:  What's one quick way to learn basic English skills? By watching American television. Refugees use this to listen to, and practice English, using DVDs and broadcast TV, plus children's programming like Sesame Street and Barney and Friends is also invaluable.  Do you have DVDs or a television to donate?  It makes a huge difference in learning our language. Donate now.
  • Cooking classes: Most refugees have never used an oven. This came to light one Thanksgiving when SWH was given donated turkeys. General cooking and housewares are needed from pots, pans, utensils, plates and glassware.   Donate now

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